Half of Parents Receive an “F” on packing their kids lunch? Whoa!

According to a recent study from the University of Texas, more than half of all parents in the study received an “F” when packing their kids’ lunch. Prepared lunches lacked the calories, vitamins, calcium, iron and zinc. According to the study, 76% of the lunches didn’t contain enough fruits and vegetables and a whopping 96% didn’t give have enough fiber.

Of course, saying something is much easier than getting kids to eat what they need to, especially at school lunch when you’re not around to make sure they are actually eating it. Check out some of the neat ideas below that might help make lunches more nutritional and fun!

o    Incorporate whole-grain breads into sandwiches and then using a cookie cutter to cut the sandwich into fun shapes.

o    Replace processed meats with meat leftover from the previous night’s dinner such as grilled chicken breast pieces, pork or beef from fajitas. Not only will this save money, but using non-processed meat will add a lot more healthy calories and minerals than processed meat.

o    Try cutting up or shredding vegetables and whole meats and creating an assembly line and let them create their own sandwiches or wraps. Involving them in the process might make it more fun and increase the likelihood that they will eat it.


What creative ideas are you packing in your kids lunches to get them to eat better?

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