Could eating veggies during pregnancy prevent disease in your child?

Pediatric Diabetes printed a study on 6000 five-year-old children. Of the children 3% had developed Type 1 Diabetes or had labs indicating that they were likely to have the disease soon.  The results were then divided into two groups: moms who had eaten veggies every day during pregnancy and moms who had rarely eaten vegetables during pregnancy. The risk of their child getting Type 1 Diabetes was twice as high for moms who didn’t eat very many veggies.

In fact there is new research that indicates that what a mother eats during pregnancy can even affect her child’s’ taste preferences later in life. For example, one study showed that babies born to women who drank carrot juice during pregnancy were more likely to enjoy carrots at 6 months of age. It’s always so interesting to learn about how actions during pregnancy can impact the child later on.

What are some of the things you have done while pregnant with hopes to help your baby?

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