Calories Exposed!

A year ago, New York’s menu labeling law required chain restaurants to post nutrition information on all their menu offerings. As expected there were advocates for and against this action for various reason; however, a year later, researchers are finally able to offer insight on whether or not it was all worth it.

The study surveyed more than 10,000 people at 275 locations in the spring before the law went into effect. They then surveyed another 12,000 diners this past spring after the law had been in effect. Overall, it seems like the endeavor was a little slow at the start,

A summary of the results when can be found after the break!

Results:•    15% of reported using the calorie information; 56% said they saw it.
•    The average calories purchased by those using the information was 754 while the average for those who didn't see or use the information was 860.
•    People who read the nutrition information consumed 152 fewer calories at hamburger chains and 73 fewer calories at sandwich chains compared with everyone else.
•    “The overall calories purchased decreased at nine chains between 2007 and 2009, including dropping significantly at McDonald's, Au Bon Pain, KFC and Starbucks.”

With restaurants like Subway already including the nutritional information in their signage, this is definitely a larger trend that companies are taking part in with our without laws. So what do you think? Should Texas enact a menu labeling law for the companies that aren’t using labels? Is it something you look for when you visit a restaurant or fast food place?

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