Dinner time struggle with kids!

For a lot of people, dinner time with kids can be a stressful affair. Multiple kids want multiple things and somehow hot dogs, cookies and hamburgers always seem to be on the top of that list. Many parents even become frustrated because they can no longer enjoy pan seared salmon with creamy polenta and grilled asparagus, but they get their fill of fish sticks, mashed potatoes and ketchup (which in the kids’ mind counts as a vegetable).

Here are a few tips and FYIs from pediatricians and pediatric dietitians as well as some tips from area moms about what they’re doing to get their kids to eat their “greens.”

•    Try not to require kids to clean their plate. But ask that they taste everything once. They can ask for a “no-thank-you-bite” instead of a full portion.

•    It can take kids 6-10 tastings before they actually like a new food. Unfortunately, most of us give up after 3-5 tries. So try that broccoli again. You are one try closer.

•    Parents are the biggest role models. Why would kids eat broccoli when mom and dad don’t?

•    Dips and spreads are another great way to introduce vegetables to kids because they can be combined with their favorite chips, crackers and breads. Make sure to check out our dips and spreads recipe page for some great ideas for your family like this delicious Garden Vegetable Dip.

What are some of your ways to get your kids to start eating healthier?

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