Is that Coke can shrinking?

In response to the American Heart Associations (AHA) new sugar recommendations, Coca-Cola has introduced a new 7.5 oz 90 calorie can. This portion size allows consumers to enjoy the refreshing fizz while staying within the daily sugar recommendations (which if you didn’t catch our earlier post on the new recommendations from the AHA you can check that out at http://marketstreethealthandwellness.blogspot.com/2009/11/how-much-is-too-much-sugar.html).

Currently Coca-Cola has 100 calorie cans that come in 8-8oz cans. The new 90 calorie Coke will be in taller, slimmer bottles like Red Bull. Coca-Cola will also test out the 90 calorie portions of Sprite, Fanta Orange, Cherry Coca-Cola and Barq’s Root Beer.

The 90 calorie cans are coming soon to Market Street. But let’s break down the cost for 100 calories of Coke.

Price per Ounce
Cost per 100 calories
8-8oz cans (100 calories)
100 per 8 oz
1 Liter (67.6 oz)
100 per 8 oz

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