Can eating breakfast make you smarter?

We’ve all heard time and time again, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most skipped. Hopefully, a recent release of statistics from the Dietitians Association of Australia will change a few people’s minds before they walk out the door in the morning.

You can check out the full report at http://www.groundreport.com/Health_and_Science/Does-what-you-eat-in-the-morning-influence-how-you_1/2909603 , although we’ve included some of the tips from the press release after the break as well.

According to the Dietitians Association of Australia press release, here are some tips for improving energy and concentration levels.

1. Drink plenty of water - This will hydrate your body, help reduce fatigue and help your brain work. If possible, take a water bottle in to the exam with you.

2. Limit excess caffeine - Limit coffee, caffeinated soft drinks or guarana-containing drinks. Caffeine can act as a mild stimulant, boosting alertness and staving off fatigue, but too much can make you feel nervous and restless, and may affect how well you sleep.

3. Exercise - Schedule in some physical activity before or in between exams. Exercise can help reduce stress, clear your mind and improve sleep patterns

4. Eat regularly throughout the day

5. Eat energy-sustaining foods at meals and snacks will help fuel the brain, maintain energy levels and avoid dips in concentration

A few of the foods you can try include:

- A bowl of cereal with reduced-fat milk, topped with chopped fruit and a sprinkle of almonds
- Wholegrain toast with reduced-fat cheese and tomato, and a small fruit juice
- Sandwich, roll or wrap filled with salad vegetables, reduced-fat cheese, lean meat or tinned tuna
- Fruit smoothies made with reduced-fat milk and/or yogurt
- Fruit (fresh, tinned or dried) or fruit and nut snack packs
- Crackers with tomato and reduced-fat cheese

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