What would you like to hear from dietitians and nutritionists?

Yesterday I spent some time with “Mommy Bloggers” and fellow dietitians. The purpose of the group was to find out how Supermarket Dietitians can help out moms. We wanted to know what information they were looking for and how we could best help.

Being a dietitian, it’s not only important to keep on top of the current research and developments in how diet and nutrition affect a person’s well being, but also to keep on top of current trends and concerns of the people who want to help. Of course, we never want to offend or make anyone feel guilty and someone’s diet is a very personal thing and their choice. In the end, finding a way to incorporate healthy eating and nutrition into your own diet choices is of our top priority.

So with that, I ask, “What would you like to know more about or what are your concerns about diet and nutrition for you and for your family?”

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