Featured Articles: The Holidays Are in the Air

As you walk into our stores, delicious aromas fill your head and wonderful, cozy feelings envelope you. The smell of cinnamon and ginger warms you and you can’t help but fall into the holiday spirit. Thevibrant orange sweet potatoes,bright green beans, and vibrant red pomegranates and crimson cranberries color your dreary day and before you know it you are dancing down the aisles and singing "Winter Wonderland." Well, maybe that’s just me (Watch out for me on Aisle 5, it’s wide enough to do a split leap.)

As you pick out and purchase your favorite holiday foods, consider some of the surprising facts you may have never known.

Did you know that CINNAMON:

* Is currently being studied for its role in improving diabetes, arthritis, high cholesterol, leukemia and even lymphoma?

* Is actually bark of a tree?

* Was used as a form of currency in the Middle Ages? A person’s worth was often determined by how much spice they could afford.

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Did you know that GINGER:

* Is used to treat digestive problems? In ancient days, Greeks would wrap ginger in bread to help ease stomach trouble. Eventually this became what we call Gingerbread!

* Is used to alleviate morning sickness?

* Is made into a paste and used to treat headaches in India?

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