75% of ads targeting kids are for less-than-healthy foods

A recent study revealed that 75% of media ads are targeted as less-than-healthy foods for kids. Here are five main points from the study:

1. More than 72%of foods advertised on TV to children are known as "Whoa" foods, which are defined by the U.S. Department of Health and Human services as foods that should be eaten only on "special occasions, such as your birthday."

2. More than half of advertising using licensed characters are for "Whoa" foods.

3. There is no uniform nutritional standard used by companies to define what "healthy" means.

4. Roughly 30% of food and beverage ads are from companies that don't participate in the industry's self-regulation guidelines, which are meant to keep foods geared to children relatively healthful.

5. Fruits and vegetables account for 1% of all ads targeting kids.

Read more of the study.

Should foods ads aimed at kids be regulated?

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