How can I get my kids to eat more fruits and vegetables?

I just read an interesting article about how to get kids to eat more vegetables. Did you know that the #1 Fruit and Vegetable consumed in America is juice and French fries? I also learned that a study of toddlers and infants found that up to 33% of kids eat no distinct form of fruit or vegetable on any given day. Every once in a while I like to be reminded of how kids think. Some of this may be a reminder and some may be new to you.

  • Kids eat what their parents eat. I’ve seen 6 year old eating mashed cauliflower because they know it is their mom’s favorite food
  • Kids are more likely to eat fruits/vegetables when given a crazy name: Super X-Ray Vision Carrots, Trees from the Enchanted Forest (broccoli).
  • Don’t try to hide or sneak the vegetables. We don’t like to be tricked and neither do they
  • Don’t force the vegetables. Inevitably kids will rebel when forced.
  • Let kids play with their food: use pineapple and toothpicks to build Fruit Forts.
  • Give kids ownership: let them pick out a meal, shell peas, snap green beans, roll the meatballs (whatever is most age appropriate). Kids are more likely to eat what they’ve helped with.
You can check at the full article here. What are some creative things you’ve done to get your kids eat more fruits and vegetables?

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