Salt is the new Trans Fat

We've been conditioned: 0 grams trans fat! But the new nutrition nemesis? Salt. Americans already eat more salt (or sodium) than we should, putting us at risk for high blood pressure, stroke and heart attack. Unfortunately, the majority of our sodium intake is not in the salt shaker on the table but the processed foods. The average person eats about 3500 mg of sodium a day while we only need about 1500-2000 mg. 

The tricky part? Americans love their salt and their taste buds have been conditioned to expect the white granules in all of our food. If you doubt, try eating a No Salt Added canned vegetable or soup. If you are accustomed to the salt, your tongue will say "blah."

Cutting the salt is imperative for your health. Watch for your favorite brands, recipes and restaurants to cut back on the salt. Market Street has already done it. Check out our line of Living Well Favorites with less than 800 mg of sodium per meal.

Oh and don't worry, after about a week your taste buds will re-adjust and you won't miss the salt nearly as much.

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