Before you start another diet...

Yesterday, I revealed Time Magazine's Top 10 Notable New Diet Books. Some of the books you may have heard of and some were definitely new to you. But, before you go and spend $19.95 on the next diet book consider the following:

It's all about the calories. All weight loss books are simply a reduction in calories. It could be low carb, low fat or high protein, but the main reason people lose weight on these diets is that they are eating less calories.

One diet does not fit all sizes. Perhaps you've tried diets before only to be disappointed with the results. Most of the time we blame ourselves but we also should blame the diet. Think about past diets and what worked and didn't work for you.

There's no magic pill. Although it is sad to let go of this dream, once we do we can focus on what it's really going to take to make the scale budge. When it all boils down, it's about eating better and exercising more. My mantra is "Eat real food, just less of it and move more." Unfortunately, book publisher's tell me this is too short to make a book. Sigh...

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