Shopping to Slim Your Waist and Wallet - Feb 24 Sales Ad

PIZZA! What? Yes, Pizza is in our menu this week. I believe as a dietitian that all foods can fit, even pizza. I love and would use this sample menu for a Friday night with friends or staying in with the family. Based on this week's sales ad you can have a balanced day of fruits, vegetables and yes, even pizza.

Total cost for all ingredients: $24.79
Cost for amount eaten in one day: $6.53 (you can't buy one large pizza for that!)

Keep reading for the menu...

1 Amy's Cereal Bowls
1 cup Fresh Sweet Strawberries
2 slices Three Seeded Artisan Bread
4 oz Boar's Head Hickory Turkey
Cheese (FREE with direct mail coupon)
1 cup Dole Fresh Salads
1 California Sweet Juicy Navel Orange

1/6 of DiGorno Pizza
1 cup Dole Fresh Salads

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