This week’s Hidden Healthy Hit: Eat Smart Grab n Go Cups

I am very excited about a new line of vegetables that Market Street is now carrying. You may already be familiar with the Eat Smart brand of pre-cut, microwavable vegetables. Well, Eat Smart has added a whole new vegetable variable – individual microwavable cups.

Eat Smart Categories:

Simple Melts – vegetables with melted cheddar or garlic herb
Simple Noodles – vegetables, noodles and sauce
Simple Soups – vegetables, broth, noodles and seasoning
Simple Salads - crunchy vegetables with dressing

Location: Market Street Produce Department

Benefit: portable and delicious way to get in at least 2 servings of fresh vegetables

Cost: ~$2.50

Time: 1-2 minutes in the microwave

Selling point: comes with it’s own spork and method of draining the noodles!!

Creative ideas:
Try mixing a Simple Melt with scrambled eggs.
Add dice ham or chicken to a Simple Noodle or Simple Soup.

Have you seen these products? Any creative ways you use them?

Disclaimer: Our dietitian is not connected with Eat Smart and does not receive compensation for endorsement. The products selected reflect our dietitian’s opinion as a Living Well resource for our guests.

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