Shopping to Slim Your Waist and Wallet - March 31 Ad

For this week's ad let's look at some of the NuVal scores. I'm going to give you the range of product scores for this week's hot items.
Remember, the NuVal score provides a one stop look at the nutrition quality of a food. The Higher the Score, the Higher the Nutrition.

Strawberries - 100
Regular Soda/Soft Drinks - range of 1-3
Lay's Classic/Wavy - 23
Del Monte Canned Vegetables Sweet Peas 39
Del Monte Canned Vegetables Whole Kernel Corn 50
Del Monte Canned Vegetables Cut Green Beans 57
(Hint: choose the vegetables with no salt added and the score jumps up to 100!!)
Earthbound Farm Organic Salads - 82-100
Cherry Tomatoes on the Vine - 96
Fresh Asparagus - 100
Kashi Frozen Entrees - 26-40
DiGiorno Pizza 6-20 (the spinach/mushroom/garlic gets the 20)
Land O Lakes Butter - 2
RediWhip - 1-5
Allegro Marinades - 23

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