Thanks DFW!

Yesterday we officially launched the NuVal Nutritional Scoring System in our DFW stores, and the response we've received from everyone so far has been overwhelming! We're tickled pink that y’all are so interested and as happy as we are to get the program in place and start living well. Our guests are the reason behind all of our ideas at Market Street, and we love hearing what you think about the steps we're taking to better serve you. All of your feedback on Facebook, Twitter and the comments section of the blog has been awesome. Keep it comin'!

Because this is something we have all truly been wanting here in Dallas, ABC, NBC, CBS, The Dallas Morning News, My DFW Mommy and others have been working hard to bring you new views into the story. See what they have to say about NuVal and Market Street after the jump.

My DFW Mommy

The Dallas Morning News



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