Tuesday's Trade Up: Cereal

One of the great features of the NuVal Nutrition Scoring System is the ability to "Trade Up". I'm not looking for our guests to find perfect 100's in every department. In fact, that would be impossible. I'm looking for simple ways our guests can "Trade Up" and make small improvements in their nutrition.

Each Tuesday I'll offer you a Trade Up.

Special K
Bragging point: "Has 11 essential vitamins and minerals in each simply good serving"
NuVal score: 20

Special K Protein Plus
Bragging point: "Protein Plus lets you cut back the carbs without cutting out the crispy, crunchy taste you love. With lightly sweetened wheat, soy and rice flakes, you can get 10 grams of protein in each power-packed serving."
NuVal score: 60

Remember: The higher the score, the higher the nutrition. This is just one simple way to get more nutrition, bowl for bowl.
Let's hear your suggestions for items you'd like to "Trade Up".

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