Tuesday's Trade Up: Oreo Cakesters

No matter where you are on your nutrition journey, there is a place to Trade Up. As a registered dietitian, I never make people give up their favorite food forever. There is a place and portion for all foods. Today, we explore Oreo Cakesters. Even within the same type of cookie, you can Trade Up. Remember the higher the NuVal score, the higher the nutrition. Read more about NuVal.

Oreo Cakester
NuVal Score: 12

Golden Oreo Cakester
NuVal Score: 23
Reason: Less total and saturated fat, less sodium and less sugar!!


  1. Mmm! That Golden Cakester is making my hungry eyes glaze over. SCORE!!

    I've only had the regular, but I will try the golden one.

  2. You are my kind of dietitian!