This Week's Hidden Healthy Hit: Shrimp

One of my favorite foods is shrimp! For a while shrimp got a bad wrap because it contains nearly 2/3 of your daily cholesterol. But The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition did a research study on shrimp a while back and the results were surprising.

For 2 months, participants with normal cholesterol levels tested low-fat diets. One group ate 1/2 pound of steamed shrimp a day. At the end of the study the participants' total cholesterol had not changed. Shrimp is very low in fat and contains fish oils.  Scientists believe these factors have prevented the increase in cholesterol.

Bottom line: Combined with a heart healthy diet, boiled or steamed shrimp can be enjoyed guilt free (just nix the scampi, fried and alfredo additions).

Best part: Market Street has peeled, deveined shrimp on sale for $3.97/lb this week. Better get there fast because I'm on my way to buy several pounds!

Do you have a great low-fat shrimp recipe? I'd love for you to share it.

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