Tuesday's Trade Up: Bagels

This Tuesday, we trade up on Bagels. I love a good bagel with peanut butter and jelly or toasted with butter and honey. But bagels can be tricky. Most people know they are a healthy dose of carbohydrates but few know bagels are high in sodium. Check out your favorite bagel's NuVal score and see if there is room to trade up. Here is my favorite trade up this week:

Sara Lee 130 Calories and Delightful Plain Bagels
NuVal score: 8

Pepperidge Farm Everything Bagels
NuVal Score: 14

Who would have thought the Everything Bagels were almost double the NuVal score as the lower calorie bagel? We have been trained to look for the products with healthy front of package labeling. This is just one example of how NuVal provides a second look. Remember, we're not looking for you to eat a perfect score. It's all about the Trade Up.

Prices are from April 2010 and may have changed.

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