Tuesday's Trade Up: Frosted Mini Wheats

We've all heard that breakfast, after all, is the most important meal of the day.  This week's Trade Up is located in one of the most diverse and colorful aisles in the grocery store- the cereal aisle!  Let us compare apples to apples, shall we?

Kellogs Frosted Mini Wheats (3800031829)
Serving Size: 24 biscuits
Nuval Score: 33

Kellogs UnFrosted Mini Wheats: (3800035982)
Serving Size: 30 biscuits
Nuval Score: 91

Who knew that the frosting coating on this fiber-rich cereal could have that much of an effect on nutritional value.  The cost of the unfrosted version is a tad bit higher than the original frosted varieties, but alas, there is a coupon! Now there is now reason for you to pass up this Trade Up!

**Guest Blogger, Amber Massey is currently a dietetic intern at Texas Health Resources Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas, Texas. As the author of Chocolate Broccoli, Amber seeks to encourage individuals to get back in the kitchen and lose the crazy thought that taste and nutrition can’t happily coexist.

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