Tuesday Trade-up: Bread

Truly a kitchen staple, sliced bread is the best thing since, well, sliced bread. Bread is an important aspect to some true American classics- grilled cheese, PB&J, toast with jam. To actually make bread is a process that involves time, chemistry, and pure muscle. Why expend all the effort when there's more bread options than I can count on two hands? Nuval scores help you to be a savvy shopper and make the most of your brown-bag, ham n' cheese sandwich lunch breaks.

Nature's Own 100% Whole Wheat Bread
Price: $2.99

As for the contender,

Natures Own Honey Wheat
Price: $2.99 

100% whole weat trumps honey wheat on the final score board. Same price for better nutrition!
Happy eating!

Guest Blogger Heather Golubski is currently a dietetic intern and graduate student at Texas Woman's University.

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