Saving Pennies and Pounds (Aug 4)

There are so many great things on sale this week but one item in particular caught my attention - pears! Delicious, juicy, fresh pears. This week Bartlett pears are on sale for $0.99/lb.
A few years ago I visited a relative in Tucson, Arizona. She really inspired me to eat fresh, real food and get back to basics. One early morning, my cousin fixed a simple breakfast with fresh, sliced pears. It was so simple yet satisfied my sweet, crunchy, and creamy desires.

Try this recipe this week after you buy your Bartlett pears.

Cream Cheese Pear Crackers
2 sheets of Wasa Rye Crisp crackers
1 tablespoon cream cheese
Sliced Barlett Pears

Spread cream cheese on Wasa crisps and top with sliced pears. That's it. It's that simple yet tastes so wonderful.

Wondering the NuVal scores?
Wasa Rye Crisp Crackers - 40
Cream Cheese - 21
Pears - 96

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