Thanksgiving Preparation: Knead Some More Practice

Bread Test #1 - It's okay,
I laughed too.
If you read yesterday's blog, you'll remember that I've decided to host Thanksgiving at my house and to prepare everything from scratch. I realize that this may be the first and last time I do this but I'm at least going to go down fighting.

So I decided to give my bread a test run. (Take a look at my funny photos of bread.) The first one definitely "kneaded" some more practice. The second one looked (and tasted) much better. If you are wondering why they are so short, I only did half pans so that I don't get too doughy before Thanksgiving.

The first one looks like a brain and was really dense. I found out later that I let my yeast and water touch - apparently this is a no-no in bread machines.  

So here's the best part. I spent roughly $15 for all my bread ingredients at Market Street and have made two loaves. I still have enough ingredients for three more loaves! That's approximately $3 per loaf and I know exactly what's in the bread I'm making. Do you have a bread machine? This might 
Bread Test #2 - Mmmm...
I ate a hole in the top.
be the perfect time to dust it off and use it for the upcoming holiday season. Coming from a girl who only knew the microwave, this bread making business is easy. My favorite ingredient? King Arthur's Whole Wheat Flour at Market Street. Mmmm...nothing is better than fresh, hotout-of-the-machine whole wheat read. 
Do you have a favorite bread machine recipe? I'd love to try it and post it on the blog. Just promise you get the ingredients at Market Street!

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