The NuVal Conspiracy: Does Market Street give higher NuVal scores to their store brands?

Which question do you think I get most regarding NuVal scores at Market Street?
A. Can you do my shopping for me?
B. What is the NuVal score for Spam?
C. Why do some Food Club products get higher NuVal scores than the national brand?

Answer: C
At first glance, I could certainly see how this would raise some eyebrows. Is Market Street tampering with its store brand NuVal scores to receive higher scores? Let me put your suspicions to rest. Here are a few mind-easing facts you should know.

1. NuVal scores are given without any input, review or consideration from any manufacturer or retailer. That's right! Del Monte, Frito Lay and Kraft have NO influence on the NuVal score. NuVal is committed to providing a truly unbiased score across all foods and categories. This also means that we at Market Street/United/Amigos have no say over the scores either. We can't magically raise the score on products to improve sales or move product. Nope, NuVal scores are calculated and stored in Area 51 (hehe!)

2. TopCo (Food Club, Full Circle) wants the top score. Topco has made a commitment to Market Street that it will reformulate its products to receive a NuVal score higher than the national brand. That's pretty impressive if you ask me.

For example: Food Club has a graham cracker that received a NuVal score of "3." The national brand wquivalent was "23." This past year, Food Club reformulated that graham cracker, removing the saturated fat and replacing it with unsaturated fats, increased the fiber, increased the potassium and decreased the sodium. The new NuVal score is "24." That's a 21-point improvement! And, Food Club is doing this across every category.

3. Other companies want the top score. TopCo isn't the only company reformulating. If you shop with us regularly, you are going to see new NuVal scores each visit.

For example: I was looking up a product comparison on the chip aisle. Within a few weeks the scores for both chip products had changed. Perhaps our country is moving in the right direction. Not only will we see food products competing for price, but possibly nutrition as well?

So, is Market Street giving its store brands higher NuVal scores? Nope, we are hands off. But we sure do love seeing the NuVal scores go up and the prices go down!

Is there a food product you hope will get a better NuVal score eventually? Leave a comment, I'd love to hear about it.

Healthy Regards!!

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