There is no 95 at Market Street!

Huh? That's right, there is no 95 at Market Street. This month, United Supermarkets (our parent company) celebrates 95 amazing years as a grocery store. As I prepared for this post I had visions of writing a Nobel-prize winning blog highlighting all the foods in the store that get a NuVal score of 95. Can you imagine my dismay when I pulled the report and my computer said "cannot find the data you are searching for"? What? How was I to write about nothing?

Now, not having a NuVal score of 95 is neither good nor bad. At this very moment, we could be ordering a new product that scores a 95. Scores change all the time and that's the beauty of the program. Manufacturers are making great improvements in their formulation so they CAN get a better score. So while there may not be a NuVal score of 95 on the shelves at Market Street right now, keep your eyes peeled. In fact, if you find a 95 show up on our shelves in 2011, post a comment and I'll send you a coupon for a free drink at Market Street.

I did however find a bounty of foods that had a NuVal score of 94:
Westsoy Unsweetened Soymilk
Plain, canned Pumpkin (Food Club and Libby)
Plain Brussel Sprouts (Food Club and Steamfresh)
Green Bell Peppers (Traditional and Organic)
Dry Lentils (Food Club)
Dry Navy Beans (Food Club)
Baby Watermelons
Plain Fat Free Greek Yogurt (Fage and Oikos)

NuVal scores aren't cumulative, but for the sake of getting a 95 to celebrate our birthday, you can add some honey or jam (both get a NuVal score of 1) to your plain yogurt and sing a round of Happy Birthday!

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