Do you recognize this man? A case of the Trade Up


Have you seen this man? He's
starting a store wide NuVal Trade UP.
(The following is a true story. The names and location have not been identified.)

The time was 11:48 am. The day was Friday, April 29. The air had a slight chill to it. It wasn't the usual temperature I was used to in a grocery store. There was a feeling of change in the air.

I entered Market Street, the neighborhood grocery store, and scanned the aisles.............another bustling day. I knew this would be no easy task.

Rumor on the "Streets" was that a certain General Manager at Market Street had made a major switch in his lunchtime entree. The standard sandwich with wheat bread had been replaced by a suspicious round sandwich thin (dramatic music crescendos in the background).

The Trade UP: Oroweat 100%
Whole Wheat Sandwich Thins

I made my way casually to the bread aisle to see the site of this unprecedented switch-a-roo. I scanned the shelves closely. To my surprise I found that the original wheat bread the General Manager had been using to embrace his ham and cheese had been given a NuVal™ score of 27, while this new, whole wheat wheel a 33 (dramatic music crescendos in the background, again)! This was a case of a TRADE-UP!

Word of this Trade-Up has been spreading, and numerous team members -- and, now, store guests -- are making this Trade-Up.

It's been four days now, and this man has yet to be identified. Have you seen this man? Do you know at which store this occurred? If so, leave a comment and you may be the lucky winner of a prize from Market Street!

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