There's a New Label Coming To Town!


• In 2009, Fruit Loops became the catalyst for a labeling nightmare. Boxes boasted of increased fiber content. Parents were enraged that sugary cereals were now allowed to receive health halos because of clever marketing techniques.

• In 2010, Michelle Obama confronted the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) and implored the industry to develop a front-of-pack labeling system that could be widely adopted on food packages and that would help busy consumers - especially parents - make informed decisions when they shop.

• The GMA, together with FMI, developed the Nutrition Keys initiative.

Nutrition Keys Specifics:

• Fact-based approach to bring to attention specific nutrients of concern.

• Four basic icons will appear on most packages: calories, saturated fat, sodium and sugar per serving.

Four basic icons on most packages
• Smaller packages may select to only highlight calories.

• When space is available, manufacturers have the option of listing 2 “nutrients to encourage” in addition to the 4 “nutrients to limit.” The nutrients to encourage may only be highlighted when a single serving provides at least 10% of the daily value of that nutrient.

Four basic icons PLUS two
additional "nutrients to encourage"
• The program is optional for manufacturers at this time.

• Nutrition Keys will not be on single item, non-labeled foods (produce, meat, etc).

Nutrition Keys on Bottom Left

Where you will see Nutrition Keys:

• In the summer 2011 you will begin to see manufacturers implementing Nutrition Keys on the front of packaging.

• Participating companies have agreed to spend $50 million for consumer education in print, TV and radio. These will roll out in the fall 2011.

Is Nutrition Keys Replacing NuVal?:

• No! Nutrition Keys will be on the product package and NuVal will be on the shelf tag.

• Nutrition keys highlights information from the back of the package (nutrition facts); while NuVal is an objective assessment of nutrition facts and the ingredient list.

• The Nutrition Keys initiative will complement NuVal by identifying the favorable or unfavorable nutrients that are likely increasing or decreasing the NuVal scores.

What do you think? Will this labeling system help shoppers?

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