Caution: your favorite foods have changed!

Did you know that same box of crackers you bought last week could have different nutrition this week? Manufacturers change the formulation of their products all the time but we, as consumers, often aren't aware. But with NuValTM, you can see in one single score the nutrition value of your favorite product, no matter what the formulation is or will be.
Here are a few products that have changed their formulation recently. Some have made great improvements, while others...........well, see for yourself.

Chicken of the Sea
  • Solid white albacore tuna in water
    • Old NuValTM score 52
    • New NuValTM score 61
  • Light Tuna in Water
    • Old NuValTM score 47
    • New NuValTM score 58
  • Premium Chunk White Tuna in Water
    • Old NuValTM score 53
    • New NuValTM score 60
  • Chunk Light Tuna with 50% Less Sodium 
    • Old NuValTM score 66
    • New NuValTM score 77
Why did these scores improve? Chicken of the Sea has lowered the sodium and, in some, the fat. Kudos Chicken of the Sea!!
Starkist Tunas
  • Tuna Salad Chunk Light Pouch
    • Old NuValTM score 63
    • New NuValTM score 55

  •  Solid White Tuna
    • Old NuValTM score 62
    • New NuValTM score 57
Why did these scores drop? Starkist has increased the sodium levels and changed the amounts of fat and protein. Too bad, they had some great scores to start with.

Smucker's Sugar Free Syrup
  • Old NuValTM score 11
  • New NuValTM score 1
Why did this score drop? Who would ever guess that a syrup would add sodium? But they did! It increased from 85 mg per serving to 150 mg (that's almost double!).


Oscar Mayer Smoked Ham
  • Old NuValTM score 30
  • New NuValTM score 25
Why did this score drop? Unfortunately, Oscar Mayer's products have increased in saturated fat.

So what's the take home message? Check your NuValTM scores regularly! Very few people notice when the ingredients or nutrition change on their regularly purchased items. Market Street gets updated scores every month and it is our pleasure to help you become a savvy shopper.

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