Fruitful Find: The Apple Pear

So a pear walks into the produce section and…

I’ll save you from my terrible produce humor…..although it does provide an introduction to my recent discovery in the produce section, where I met the subject of this very blog, the apple pear (also known as the Asian pear, nashi pear, Japanese pear, Korean pear, or sand pear).

Unlike one would assume from the name, the apple pear is NOT a cross between an apple and a pear. Rather, the name describes the shape and characteristics of this pear variety. Apple pears differ from the more traditional European pear varieties in their round shape and firmness to the touch when ripe. Additionally, these pears are ready to eat immediately after harvest, as opposed to European pears that require time to ripen after picking. Apple pears are juicy and crisp, with a slightly sweet, slightly sour flavor combination.

To select a good apple pear, look for one with a fragrant personality and minimally bruised complexion. The pear will stay firm, so don’t wait until it softens to eat or you’ll never be enjoying this tasty pear! Eat them like you would an apple or pear: sliced, diced, or whole. Apple pears can be stored for a week at room temperature or up to three months in the refrigerator.

A medium apple pear has 50 calories, 4g of fiber, and a NuVal score of 96! Eat up!

A couple fun ways to try apple pears:

• Slice an apple pear and top with two tablespoons granola and a dash of honey for a lighter apple (or pear) crisp
• For gourmet grilled cheese sandwich connoisseurs, try thinly sliced apple pears paired with your favorite bread and cheese, maybe a brie or gouda, for a sweet and savory texture-enriched sandwich

Maren is a guest blogger for Market Street. She is a Texas Woman’s University dietetic intern and graduate student in exercise and sports nutrition. Maren is a graduate of Iowa State University and is originally from Lincoln, Nebraska. She enjoys cooking, baking and experimenting in the kitchen! Her first memory of culinary experimentation was around the age of 3, creating a peanut butter and mustard sandwich. Maren’s other hobbies include traveling, tasting new cuisines, grocery shopping, ballroom dancing with her fiancé and walking her puppy, Waltz.


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