Alfredo Sauce: NuVal Trade Up and Guilty Pleasure

Creamy, cheesy, goodness that is how I like my pasta to taste. Everyone has his/her own way of preparing pasta, and mine includes Alfredo sauce all over. I have never been one to give up my favorite foods, I just look for a healthy alternative. Even as someone who reads nutrition labels all the time, I get lost in all the numbers and percentages. That is why I was so excited to go on a mission at Market Street to find healthier Alfredo sauce with the help of the trusty NuVal tool.  For those new to NuVal™, it does all the number-crunching for you, so the higher the NuVal™ score, the better the nutrition. It is able to do this because it considers more than 30 nutrients and nutritional factors such as the good (protein, calcium, vitamins) and the less good (sugar, sodium, cholesterol). So with NuVal™, I was able to trade up. I substituted Classico™ Mushroom Alfredo Sauce with a NuVal™ score of 30 instead of using Classico™ Four Cheese Alfredo Sauce with a NuVal™ score of 11. As I have shown, it’s possible to still eat what you want – just look for a little healthier one.

by Melanie Sherrard, TWU Dietetic Intern

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