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Guest Post by Ruth Estrada 
TWU Dietetic Intern

Reading a nutrition label can be difficult enough. What if you are trying to follow a specific eating plan, but you are not quite sure which products would be appropriate for your plan? You may have recently been diagnosed with high cholesterol or diabetes and have no clue where to start with your diet. Good news! Market Street (DFW) now offers a free service to you that can answer your nutrition questions and provide guidance for you while you shop.
Market Street is one of the few supermarkets in the country that has a Registered Dietitian who works as part of their team. Alicia Brown has been a Registered Dietitian since 2005 and has worked as part of Market Street’s team since 2008. She has a great amount of knowledge and is willing to answer any of your nutrition questions. If you need help picking out which products are best for you, she can help you pick the right products and will explain why the product is best suited for your eating plan.

There is so much that goes into the manufacturing of food products and unfortunately the only way to know about the product is by understanding the “Nutrition Facts Label.” The Registered Dietitian (RD) does an excellent job of pointing out things on the “Nutrition Facts Label” and explains why it would or would not be the best food choice for you. She does a great job of showing you why a certain product is high or low in calories, sugar, sodium (salt), or fat. She knows the NuVal Nutritional Scoring System very well and can provide guidance on how to use it to make wiser food choices that offer better nutrition. This is a service that many people look for; however, some programs and dietitians charge for this specific service. Shopping with a nutrition expert like Registered Dietitian Alicia Brown is the best way to go to help you reach your health goals. Take advantage of this free service offered through Market Street and rest assured that you go home with food that will fit your specific eating plan.

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