Are you Souper Healthy?

Take a look at these two sets of soup. Could you tell me with 100% accuracy which one is better for you? Let's let our soup cool before we discuss the answer.

This week consumer research firm Nielsen released a new report indicating that 59% of consumers around the world have difficulty understanding nutritional labels on food packaging. That means that on average 59% of Market Street's store guests have dificulty understanding nutritional labels on food packaging.

The one discouragement I hear from guests regularly is: it takes too long to compare all the nutrition facts. After enough attempts, it's no wonder guests settle back into the routine of same brand, same product. It just takes too much time - a commodity spread thin.

I'd like to make a committment to you. I'd like to save you time AND improve your health. Lofty promise? What's the catch? Too good to be true? Not-uh...I really can save you time and help you pick the best for you and your family.

I'd like to reintroduce you to my friend NuVal. For my regular shoppers, you know NuVal; but for those of you who have resolved to focus on health or have just joined our family of shoppers let me explain the simplicity.

NuVal can best be explained by the game of basketball. At the end of the Mavericks game, how do you know which team has won? By the team with the highest score, correct? How do you know if you have good credit? By a higher credit score. Well the same thing applies to NuVal. At Market Street, you can see in one simple number the nutritional value of your food - the higher the score, the better the nutrition. This score is right on the price tag (see the 96 below).

You can see that Golden Delicious Apples are 1.29 per lb
and receive a NuVal score of 96 - easy nutrition!
So back to those soups. Have you decided yet which soup is better? Take a look below.

Progresso Light New England Clam Chowder wins over Campbell's Health Conscious Clam Chowder 98% Fat Free.

Dying to know which Healthy Choice Soup is better? Take the rest of the quiz on our January Featured article (if this link takes you to a different topic, check out the soup article in the archives).

If all this talk about soup has made you hungry, be sure to also try our Potato Leek Soup recipe. Cheers! (Let's pretend we clinked our soup spoons).

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