From Fat Tuesday to Easter Sunday: Simple tips to improve your recipes

Our very own Registered Dietitian, Tyra Carter, spent Fat Tuesday sharing some great healthy tips with Nicole Garza of Fox 34 News Lubbock.

Here are some of Tyra's Fat Tuesday tips that can be applied year round:
1. Use your favorite recipe and make small changes for big results. Example: use brown rice vs white rice in your jambalaya.

2. Cut back on salt. Sodium is hard to avoid but by choosing lower sodium meat products like Smithville Smoked Virginia Ham (97% fat free and lower in sodium).

3. Add foods with higher NuValTM scores. Tyra added tons of vegetables with higher NuValTM scores to provide a boost of nutrients (celery, green pepper, onion & garlic).

Nicole Garza, Fox 34 Lubbock, and Tyra Carter, Market Street
Registered Dietitian cooking up Mardi Gras foods!

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