Use Game Day Snacking Solutions All Year Long

Robin, Registered Dietitian, on the set of Studio 4
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The Super Bowl is over and you may still be celebrating (or grieving) the outcome of the Giants’ victory over the Patriots. You may also be celebrating (or grieving) over the outcome of your food choices on Sunday. Whether you scored a nutritious touchdown or had a food fumble, you can use the same snacking tips all year long.

Check out Robin Hawkins, our Director of Health and Wellness, on Amarillo Studio 4 (click here or the picture caption). 

Robin's top snacking tips:
• Use NuValTM to Trade Up for better nutrition. NuVal can guide you to better choices.

• Make smart choices when using pre-prepared items. Enjoy the rich and creamy dips with vegetables or higher scoring chips or crackers.

• Rethink your drink- Calories add up quickly when you are drinking them.

Do you have a favorite snack time tip? Share it with us…


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