Lemonade Day in Lubbock

May 5 will go down as the first ever Lemonade Day in Lubbock, TX. United Supermarket (Market Street’s parent company) partnered with “Lemonade Day” this year to teach kids how to be entrepreneurs.

In an interview with KCBD Lubbock 11, Glenda Mathis, YWCA executive director, stated, “It's all about the kids, and it gives them the opportunity to learn at a very early age what it means to start a business. They plan a goal, learn to advertise, make a business plan and do it themselves."

"Lemonade Day" is a national organization, and on May 5th Lubbock expects to have at least 2,500 lemonade stands set up around the city.

Our very own Jennifer Gorman, registered dietitian for United Supermarkets, attended the Lubbock Arts Festival to teach kids how to make lemonade. She also gave them a booklet with a shopping list inside to take to their nearest United store.

For a quick 5-calorie lemonade, mix seltzer water and lemonade Crystal Light. For same crazy additions, consider muddling cranberries, mint or even basil. So in honor of Lemonade Day, we are looking for amazing lemonade recipes. Submit your lemonade recipe for a Free Keva Smoothie at any Market Street (with a Keva stand inside).

Learn more and register today at: http://Lubbock.LemonadeDay.org/

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