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Chef Chris' Mango Blueberry Salsa

A few years ago I (Alicia) wrote an article about Nerdy Produce (the not so popular fruits and vegetables that often get overlooked) and Popular Produce (the well-liked head cheerleaders and quarterbacks of the produce department). Well, as I was grocery shopping at Market Street this weekend I came upon a new social class of fruit. I was formally introduced to the Champagne Mango – the royalty of the produce section. The Champagne Mango is also referred to as the Ataulfo, Honey or Manila Mango. This ladylike fruit was sitting in her own private shipper, daintily displayed and coyly watching the shoppers pass her by. She sat there confidently and patiently so as to not seem too eager to be selected.

The ripened Champagne Mango was dressed in a beautiful yellowish skin and was quite slim compared to her fellow greenish-red mango cousin. It was clear that Ms. Champagne Mango had been styled by a famous produce fashion designer to reveal her pilates/yoga physique.

Intrigued by her charm and suddenly inspired to celebrate, I selected three perfectly ripe mangoes and carefully placed them in the upper portion of my cart (you know the section where you keep your purse and the most delicate of your produce selections).

Sunday evening I pulled out my best knife and most stylish cutting board and sliced up Ms. Mango. Working with Ms. Mango one-on-one, I found her to have quite the “bubbly” personality and utmost charm.

Try our Corporate Chef Chris Wilson's Mango Blueberry Salsa recipe below and be sure to check out Chris' guest appearances on Dig In Dallas Saturday mornings at 6 am on KDFW.

Blueberry-Mango Salsa:

1 C. Fresh Blueberries
½ C. Diced Champagne Mangoes
2 T. Canola Oil
2 T. Lime Juice
1 T. Minced Shallots
1 T Serrano or Jalapeno Peppers (stemmed, seeded, minced)
½ tsp. Kosher Salt

Prepare Salsa: Combine all ingredients for the salsa together in a small mixing bowl. Cover and refrigerate up to 2 days.

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  1. I love the champagne mangos and wish they were available all year. They are so much easier to work with than "regular" mangos and I think it's easier to tell when these are perfectly ripe. I use these for a Mango Habanero salsa that my friends just adore!

    1. Hi Adrienne! I agree. They are much easier to pick out and use. Do you have your salsa recipe posted anywhere? We'd love to link to it. Happy Friday!