Mom uses NuVal to help her son with allergies

NuVal Mom of the Month - Jennifer York
Shops at United Supermarket in Pampa, TX
Has two children ages 9 and 3

Has NuVal improved the health of your family in any way (weight loss,more energy, taking fewer medications, feel healthier, etc.)? 
“We began to realize that our son’s allergies and asthma issues were bothering him more when we would eat higher processed foods.  The NuVal system allows me to quickly find the healthiest version of whatever item I am looking for.  Through clean eating which NuVal helps to promote our son has reduced his medication from 6 prescription medicines to 1. Other things have also helped him, but food and the quality of it plays a big issue.  I try to cook most everything from scratch, but let's be honest if the kid wants a sandwich I'm not going to go shave meat and bake a loaf of bread.  By using NuVal I can quickly find the healthiest sandwich meat for him.”

How did you discover NuVal?
“We went to the Pampa United, and we saw all these scores on the shelf. We didn’t know what they were at the time, but I saw that they all had “NuVal” next to them, so when I got home, I looked them up (on the Internet) and learned all about it. I suspected that the larger numbers meant better foods since I noticed that the produce scores in the 90s and salami scored a 15.”

Jennifer and her adorable kids!
What was your impression of the system once you learned what it was and what it could do?
“I thought it was fabulous! I shop for myself, two kids and a husband, and NuVal easily cut my shopping time in half.”

Did you read a lot of labels before?
“Yes, because of allergies with my children. Because of allergies and asthma, I do still read labels, but as I know what kinds of foods they can eat, it’s much quicker to pick using NuVal Scores.”

How long have you used NuVal Scores?
“We’ve been using NuVal for a year and a half.”

 How have your shopping habits changed? Do you find yourself buying different foods now that you use NuVal?
“I try not to buy anything canned, since I’ve learned that anything in a can or box tends to be mass produced. But if I am buying something in a can or jar, like spaghetti sauce, I can use NuVal Scores to find the best option.”

How do your children like NuVal?
“They think it’s cool; sometimes I’ll ask them to find the highest scoring item on the shelf. It’s kind of a ‘hide and seek’ game for them.” 

Did any scores surprise you?
“Lunch meats. I noticed that once you have something that’s ‘oven roasted’ or ‘peppered,’ any kind of added flavor, it seems to change the NuVal Score quite a bit.”

What a great story! Thanks to Jennifer for submitting her story to NuVal. You can see her story on the main page of NuVal for the month of July.

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Here's a typical snack Jennifer makes for her kids.  It’s simply plain Greek yogurt in a fancy glass, topped with a fresh peach tossed with some cinnamon, and a little granola on top.  "It’s nothing special but presentation especially when dealing with kids is 90% of the battle.  If they think it’s a fancy treat…they tend to eat it better!"

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