Tuesday Trade Up: Lunchables

This Tuesday we tread into tricky territory to show the beauty of NuVal for Trading Up. NuVal ranks foods 1-100. The higher the score the better the nutrition. It provides an objective look at the nutrition quality of the food. Of course, NuVal should be used within categories to help you Trade Up. For example you wouldn't want to choose strawberries  (NuVal score of 100) over fat free milk (NuVal score of 91).

So, Lunchables, whether you love them or hate them there is a way to Trade Up. So today's Trade Up is:

Lunchable BBQ Chicken Shake Up NuVal 4

However you can also easily make your own portable "lunchable" with a mini-tackle box. I found this box in the fishing section at a discount store. I then just filled with my favorite snacks: whole wheat pretzel sticks, low-fat cheese, celery, carrot sticks, grapes and low-sodium turkey.

Fill a mini-tackle box with fruit, veggies, whole grains,
protein and dairy for a homemade "lunch-able".


  1. I am not a Lunchables fan. I was when I was 7, because all the "cool" kids had them of course! But now, as a self-proclaimed "foodie" that strives to always eat clean, I opt for making my own food. I love this idea of a tackle box because I am always seeking ways to pack veggies, hummus, sandwich, salad together without bag after bag after bag. Great post!

  2. Hi Kacie! So glad you liked the idea. Send us a picture if you make your own "lunch-able". We'd love to see some great ideas.