Tuesday Trade Up: Potato Chips

July 4th is tomorrow! Family and friends across America will join together around the barbecue to grill up hamburgers, hot dogs and maybe even a few veggie burgers. One of the messages we, your dietitians, really try to convey to our guests is that you don't have to be perfect when aiming for health. Tiny trade ups can add up. NuVal makes that really easy for you to pick better-for-you products. Look for the NuVal score right on the price tag - higher scores mean better nutrition.

The "96" on the price tag is the NuVal score.

So if it's your job to bring the chips tomorrow try this Trade Up.

Lays Wavy Original NuVal= 4
Trade Up to: 
Ruffles Light Original NuVal= 27

Sure, you probably guessed that the Light Ruffles would get a better NuVal score but let's take a closer look at why.
For the same serving size, the Light Ruffles have less calories and fat and more potassium. They do contain more sodium and carbohydrates but the amounts are small enough that the Ruffles still earn a higher NuVal score.

Please note that the Light Ruffles do contain Olestra, a fat substitute. Some people do have trouble digesting this fat substitute.

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