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Ham and Cheese Breakfast Muffins
For many of you, you have survived the first week of back to school. Today, I (Alicia) got to visit with the McKinney Valley Creek Elementary PTA and share oodles of back to school food ideas. My intern, Kristen Hess, and I spent almost 9 hours baking, cooking and packaging all the goodies yesterday. We wanted to share a couple of the recipes we are taking to the McKinney PTA.

The first is yummy, straight from the oven, Ham and Cheese Breakfast Muffins. These were so easy to make. We suggest making them over the weekend, freezing and reheating on school mornings for a quick and healthy start to the day. (Recipe adapted from Weelicious. We made a few minor changes but the original recipe is delicious as is.)

The Hulk's Green Power Breakfast
The second is a Breakfast Quiche, but we decided that if we had any hope of kids actually eating this green breakfast we would need to call it "The Hulk's Green Power Breakfast" (the recipe was also adapted from Weelicious but we changed the cheese and made larger quiche). Yes, there is spinach and zucchini in the recipe but kids are more likely to try and like foods that they've made and that they think are cool. (Don't you love the picture? We took that in the regional office lobby.)

The last recipe isn't really a recipe but hopefully an inspiration for you to feel creative with your kid's favorite sandwiches. The checkerboard sandwich is made using one slice light colored bread and one dark colored bread (preferably whole wheat). Slice the sandwich into 9 equal squares (think about cutting the sandwich into a tic-tac-toe shape) then flip alternating squares so it looks like a checkerboard. The second sandwich is simply one slice light colored bread and one dark colored bread, cut with a cookie cutter and then flipped. Younger kids love this idea. Parents like that this is one way they can begin to introduce healthier whole wheat breads.

Turn your kid's favorite sandwich into art
Do you have any great ideas for packing school lunches or making quick breakfasts? Let us know. We'd love to hear. 

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