Dietitian's Top Picks - Amy's Lentil Vegetable Soup

Nothing beats a warm bowl of soup on these cold winter nights, but lets face it sometimes there is absolutely no time to make it! Between work, school, exercise, holiday shopping and parties (and the list goes on) meal prep goes out the window. That is one of the many reasons we chose Amy's delicious Lentil Vegetable soup as this week's Top Pick. Not only is this canned soup the easiest meal, it is also a serious serving of vegetables. This soup is flavor-filled with organic green beans, tomatoes, and spinach and seasoned with 100% pure herbs and spices providing an extra helping of antioxidants. Did I mention it is also a good source of fiber and protein from the hearty lentils? Even better is you get all of this for only 160 calories per serving! (320 for the whole can) With a review like this, you can't deny Amy's organic soup. So next time you are flying out the door in need of anything edible for lunch, grab this soup and you wont be sorry! Whether you enjoy this soup solo or pair it with a spinach salad or turkey panini, you will be treating yourself to a hearty and nutritious meal.

Written by Alex Hobbs, Texas Woman's University dietetic intern. I will be completing my internship this December and I am currently working towards completing a Master's in Nutrition. I plan to take the RD exam in January to finally begin my career as a Registered Dietitian.

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