What’s New: Sambazon Superfood Juice Blend

I recently was introduced to Sambazon Acai Blueberry +Pomegranate Superfood Juice Blend by our Produce department and I love it! I enjoy it with breakfast or sometimes on the way into work.

So what makes this a superfood? Well, I think it is SUPER because it has a fantastic blend of berries like Acai, blueberry, and pomegranate fruit which are all great sources of antioxidants.

Not only is it an excellent source of antioxidants (which help counter act the free radicals in our bodies), it is also a good source of omega fatty acids (3,6, and 9) which show to have several benefits in the body. What makes this juice different than some of the others out there is that it is 100% whole food juice (no concentrates used here).

 In fact I enjoyed this antioxidant packed drink so much that I tried the Energy Acai berry + Yerba Mate + Guarana blend as well. Both drinks are organic, vegan, and gluten free. There is about 50mg of caffeine per bottle in the energy blend, just enough to get me up and going in the early morning hours. When making protein smoothies, instead of adding a splash of orange or apple juice, now I add a splash or two of Sambazon juice blends! It’s delicious and bursting with good stuff for my body!

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