Dietitian's Top Pick - Breakstone Cottage Cheese

Are you sick of everyone pushing Greek yogurt at you? Sure, it does have excellent nutrition perks but there is only so much yogurt one can eat. Thankfully, Breakstone's Fat Free cottage cheese can relieve us from this yogurt frenzy! This cottage cheese is packed with protein, just 4 ounces has a whopping 11 grams! Plus that same 4 ounce serving is only 70 calories! You can buy this delightful treat in large 16 or 24 oz. containers or easy on-the-go snack sized containers. Another extra bonus for this cottage cheese is that you don't only have to eat it as-is, there are numerous recipes you can add it too. Think lasagna, smoothies, fruit and veggie dips....the opportunities are endless! So jump on the Breakstone's band wagon and get creative!

Breakstone's Cottage Cheese  gets one of the highest NuVal scores among cheeses with a 30, making it a Dietitian's Top Pick. Be sure to visit your favorite Market Street and see all the Dietitian's Top Picks. With almost 300 Dietitian's Top Picks in the store, you are sure to leave with a healthy cart.
Written by Alex Hobbs, Texas Woman's University dietetic intern. I will be completing my internship this December and I am currently working towards completing a Master's in Nutrition. I plan to take the RD exam in January to finally begin my career as a Registered Dietitian.

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