Dietitian's Top Pick - Smart Balance HeartRight Milk

Drink up to reduce your risk of heart disease! This milk provides an impressive 400 mg of plant sterols; drink twice a day to meet 800 mg in order to keep your ticker happy and healthy! Trust me, it won't be hard to chug two servings each day, this milk is so rich and creamy you will be thinking that your doing something naughty every time you pour yourself a cold one! Not only are you serving your heart well with the extra plant sterols and Omega-3, but you are helping your bones as well. This milk has 25% more calcium than regular milk to help strengthen those bones of yours. Smart Balance has done it again, those heart healthy promoters are giving you no excuse to get your cholesterol and triglycerides under control. Now that's something I will raise my glass to!

Smart Balance HeartRight Fat Free Milk gets the highest possible NuVal score in the dairy department with a 100 making it a Dietitian's Top Pick. This is a great milk to try when switching from whole or 2%. It still has that great creamy taste but without all the fat. Be sure to visit your favorite Market Street and see all the Dietitian's Top Picks. You'll find our cute faces on almost 300 items throughout the store.

Written by Alex Hobbs, Texas Woman's University dietetic intern. I will be completing my internship this December and I am currently working towards completing a Master's in Nutrition. I plan to take the RD exam in January to finally begin my career as a Registered Dietitian.

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