January: Simple Steps to Lose Weight - Fiber

We have walked the aisles of Market Street to find excellent sources of fiber. Don't forget women need 25 grams of fiber daily and men need about 38 grams. Fiber helps you feel full and can aid in lowering cholesterol. So here are 5 products we found on our field trip. These items range from snack foods to main meals and even dessert, so there no excuse for not meeting your daily quota!

Fiber-Packer Products:

#1: Jolly Time 100 calorie Popcorn bags
      Fiber: 5 grams per mini bag

#2  Earthly Choice Wheat Berries
      Fiber: 6 grams per serving

#3  Seapointe Dry Roasted Edamame
      Fiber: 7 per serving

#4  Bare Fruit Granny Apple Chips
      Fiber: 8 grams per bag
#5  Oatmeal Raisin Kashi Cookies
      Fiber:4 grams per cookie

What is your favorite way to get in more fiber?

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