Dietitians Top Pick: Fiber One 80 calories Honey Squares

Fiber is not only good for your heart, it's good for your weight too! Fiber helps us stay full longer and therefore can help us cut back on our daily calorie count. Try this new cereal from Fiber One - It is only 80 calories per serving and a whopping 10g of dietary fiber per serving (7g of which come from insoluble fiber and the other 3g are coming from soluble fiber). This is one of my new favorite cereals and when I eat it in combination with fat free milk and a small piece of fruit, it keeps me full all morning long. Cheers to protecting your heart and managing your weight all while enjoying tasty food!

Weight loss tip:
Keep measuring cups out on your counter so you have quick and easy access to measure everyday foods like cereal, nuts, etc. This will help you stick to correct portions and control calorie intake.

Fiber One 80 Calories Honey Squares receives one of the highest NuVal scores on the cereal aisle. Look for our Dietitian's Top Pick shelf tag on nearly 300 items throughout the store.

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