Trade-Up Tuesday: Rice

Brown rice is a whole grain, which means the bran, germ, and endosperm is still intact. This means that you lose fewer nutrients when compared to the production of white rice. The complete milling and polishing that converts brown rice into white rice destroys a large amount of the nutrients such as B vitamins, phosphorus, iron, and fiber. While there are not major differences in the two when comparing nutrition labels, if you are aiming to eat a more heart healthy diet and fewer processed foods, then brown rice is a great choice!

NuVal® score of 82-Food Club Long Grain Brown Rice 1 pound bag in place of the NuVal® score of 57-Enriched Long Grain Rice (White) 1 pound bag.

With a NuVal® score of 82, Brown Rice makes for a fiber packed heart healthy Trade Up!

What is your favorite recipe using rice? If you need some inspiration, check out some of our recipes using rice on the Market Street Pinterest Board.

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