Did you know Jif Peanut Butter has changed?

Last month, we pulled the curtain back on some of the products that have secretly reformulated their recipes. Well, a new batch of products have tweaked their recipes and put a slightly different product on the shelf. Did anyone get a letter sent to their house announcing these changes (both good and bad)? Probably not. But thank goodness for NuVal (the nutrition scoring system that ranks foods 1-100 for an easy and time-saving way to shop healthier). When you see the score changed (up or down) you can probably guarantee that the manufacturer has been in the kitchen. Take a look at this month's new changes.
Reformulated and switched “dessert” portion of meal from chocolate pudding to fruit.

We're not sure what to do with this one! This used to be our "go-to" NuVal example.
We would compare it to regular Jif with a NuVal score of 20.
The product now declares twice as much fiber as previous version and also has less saturated fat.

Product now declaring more sodium.

Product reformulated by removing
high fructose corn syrup and now has less sugar.

Product reformulated with different oils
and now declares less saturated fat.

Reformulation of the product;
now has increased sodium and calories.

This one made us most sad: Product decreased fiber from
5 grams to 0 grams, reformulated, and now has more calories.

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