What's New: Secret Changes to Your Favorite Products

So, you are a loyal Market Street shopper, you know about NuVal and you always Trade Up. But did you know NuVal scores change? For example, just recently a certain cream filled sandwich cookie dropped from a NuVal score of 7 to a score of 2. The cookie now has more sugar, more saturated fat and less protein. Unless you had the nutrition label memorized, how would you have known?
Take a look at some of the other products that have "reformulated". You may be surprised!

  Product reformulation. Removed partially hydrogenated oil, decreased sodium and increased fiber.

Product made with added sugar and now declaring 6 more grams of sugar on nutrition facts panel.

Product reformulated.  Removal of partially hydrogenated oil (trans fat) and decrease in saturated fat.  

Product now has more fiber declared on nutrition facts panel.

The nutrition facts panel declared more sugar, more saturated fat and less protein.

Nutrition facts panel update: decrease in saturated fat.

You won’t find that information at other places. Market Street and NuVal make shopping for your health easier.

We'd love to hear what you think about these product changes. Did you know products changed their recipe often? Were you surprised you identify if a product reformulated by watching NuVal scores?

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